Creating content pages or "nested stops"

Under each stop on your tour, you can create a content page (nested stops). These content pages can be used for supplying additional information when you reach a stop. This allows the user to dive deeper into additional content.

The additional information can be in the form of historical documents, audio such as interviews about the location or more in-depth information about that stop. For example, if the stop is a building, the nested pages give you additional info for the Foyer, the gallery etc. Therefore you can use it in a sense to create multiple stops. However, these stops are nested so that there is only one marker on the map.

To create a nested stop, go to the Add & Edit Stops page in the My Tours creator. Click "Add information page" on the stop you wish to create a nested stop under. Select "Edit" on the newly created nested stop and fill in information as required:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Photos (if you wish)
  • Audio (if you wish)

Save and preview.

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